Light is What Transforms Darkness

I lead a regular Course in Miracles study group. Today we did something unusual — instead of studying and discussing the text, we watched the movie, I Am.

There could have been no better way to observe Martin Luther King Day. We hadn’t planned it that way; our group always meets on Mondays. This was one of those beautiful, meaningful synchronicities that happen all the time, even when we don’t notice them.

This day, celebrating a great leader in the movement toward equality, freedom, civil rights and civility, makes even starker our current ugly and divided political and cultural climate. The fact that the divisiveness and othering is being encouraged and amplified by a president who repeatedly demonstrates racism and sexism is beyond the pale.

The movie, I Am, covers the scientific evidence that we are all connected — literally, physically connected at the quantum level. It shows how our misled belief in separation and aloneness harms us on many levels. Along with the science it covers the ideas and words of many of our wisest historical leaders. Martin Luther King is featured.

King’s message of using love to transform hate and honoring the fact that we’re more alike than separate is so profound and so timely. Famously he said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Importantly, the movie also covers scientific evidence that basic human nature is not competition, us versus them and purely survival of the fittest, but is actually cooperation and caring for one another. Primates (including humans) have unique neural systems that include mirror neurons and Vagas nerves that make us hard-wired for compassion. Pull this together and it means that cooperation, compassion and empathy are survival strategies for our species.

As King said, “We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

And, “Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.” … “We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization.”


We must focus on the love, not the hate, if we want to shift our destructive trajectory and heal the sickness in our cultural consciousness.

As a next step I strongly encourage you to watch I Am.

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Make the Best Year of Your Life — Giving is Getting

In honor of our soon-to-be-born New Year I wanted to share a powerful new way I’ve just discovered for setting goals and

My 2018 Vision Board — Giving is Getting


you ever done a Vision/ Intentions board? Lot’s of highly effective people do. They are a great way of setting goals in a more imaginative, creative way. It’s all about getting focused on what you really want and then getting out of the old linear, left-brain mode into creative right brain activity.

Usually when doing a Vision Board you spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish or obtain and then you rifle through magazines, or online pics and find ones that resonate and glue them to a poster board, or you write words or draw images on the board. In whatever way best suits you create a visual representation of what you want to accomplish.

Well just a few days ago, I was inspired to a whole new way to do Vision Boards that sets the intentions at a much more powerful energy level.

I started out as usual, getting quiet, thinking about what I really wanted to accomplish and attract in the coming year – increase my income, have my book become a bestseller.

Why’d I want those things?

  • More money? Well, the obvious answer was I wanted less financial stress, a greater feeling of security.
  • My book becoming a bestseller? Obviously, a whole lot of sales would be great.

But there was something deeper and before I started gluing images and words on my poster board I spent some time really meditating on what it was I was really after. At a deeper level, I want to increase my income because:

  • A year from now I’ll be providing a home for a young family member of mine who will need some help getting established and I want to be able to help in a substantial way.
  • Deeper still I want to be able to make my maximum contribution in my work to slow climate change and bring healing and restoration to Nature. I want to be fully resourced so that I can do my best work on behalf of this planet that I love.

The deeper reason for my book?

  • I’ve been through something extraordinary the past few years and I want to harness those experiences to help people heal, recover and reinvent after adversity, loss and shame. A bestselling book helps me help others who I never could have reached otherwise.

So, it turns out, my deepest intentions weren’t even about what I wanted to get; they were all about what I wanted to give!

And so I set about making a Contributions Vision Board. At the top are the biggies that I want to contribute in this coming year. Underneath are images and words that capture the feelings related to those contributions and below that are the material goals that will fuel those contributions. Of all the boards I’ve created over the years this is BY FAR the one I feel most attached to and most empowered by.

I am a little shy about offering a picture here, since Vision Boards are very personal but here you go.

As we all move forward into a new year my prayer for each of you is that you find clarity of intention and the means to accomplish your deepest goals. And remember GIVING is always GETTING. You gift to others and the world is always a gift to yourself.

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2018 the best year of our lives so far!


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We are ALL Jedis!

WARNING! Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t already seen Star Wars the Last Jedi, skip this post and come back later after you’ve seen the movie.

So, I only go out to the movies a few times a year. AND, I have NEVER gone out to see the same movie twice in one week. Until The Last Jedi. I first watched it with some very good girlfriends and was so struck I immediately wanted to share it with John.

It’s not that it’s hugely entertaining (it is) that grabbed me.   It’s that it is quite simply one of the most profoundly spiritual movies I’ve ever seen.

Partway through the second viewing I had to pull out a piece of paper and start taking notes! Never done that before either.

One of the clear messages that jumped out at me was the repeated point that Jedis are NOT EXCEPTIONAL! That’s right! Like Jesus they are not exceptions but examples of what we all can be.

Luke tries to bury the Jedi religion. Yoda, impishly but powerfully, seems to destroy it. The whole point is that anytime deep truths become an idolized, organized religion, the true power is lost.

Then, Leia, when nearly all their armies, ships and material resources are lost says, “Everything we need is right here”.

The point is not to try and find religion, to seek special training from “Masters” (not there’s anything wrong with that but it’s not the only answer). The answer is to AWAKEN to the powerful force within and all around us.

So fellow Jedis, Happy Holidays! May the light side of The Force be strong in you and our world in the New Year!

Love and Peace to you all,


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Dancing with Adversity

Me dancing with my beloved for a good cause. We’re still dancing years later, after the big trauma.

We all face obstacles. Some are big and really painful. These past couple of years I’ve faced some biggies – loss of my business, numerous legal battles, a terrible accident in the family, severe financial challenges – all at once.

As I’ve worked through this adversity here is what I’ve come to see. The times that beat me up the worst were those when I ran head-on, in either fury or terror, trying to destroy the obstacles, to attack my attackers. I fixated on the obstacle, raged against the unfairness. I sacrificed my peace, my sleep, my hope to the problem. In essence I used myself as a battering ram.

The times the obstacles just rolled out of the way were those when I peeled my focus off the problem and turned inward to see what was really going on with me. That process wasn’t always pretty but the end result was stunningly beautiful. The more I plumbed the depths the more I realized how much I’d been missing. I’d worked and strived, planned, crossed things off the “Do” lists, all the while mostly asleep. When it came to the richest, deepest, most beautiful layers of life I’d been moving like when we wake up in a dark room and stumble and shuffle until reaching the light switch.

When we rage against the obstacles we give them more power. Instead of attacking we can began dancing, using each feint from the problematic partner to step into grace-filled new spaces within ourselves. As we detach we begin to see that the obstacle is not a beast setting its will to destroy us but rather, a happening, a process bumping up against us, like two branches in the same stream. We have options. We can feed the beast with attack and fear or we can dance and weave and flow toward truth.

Deep adversity provides a portal through which we can reach our inner light switch. Once we flip it on we see the biggest obstacles we ever face are the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and this mystical, mystifying human experience.

A few exercises for releasing limiting beliefs:

  • Stop feeding the beast. It is essential to stop focusing on the problem you are struggling with. I’m not saying don’t deal with real issues. Yes, make the appointments, fill out the paperwork, find another income source, etc. What I am saying is don’t let the problem eat your entire life. Every single day find things to be grateful for. Deep adversity is a time for celebrating simple pleasures and noticing small goodnesses. The more you say thanks the more you will have to be thankful for.


  • Choose again. There is a wonderful practice in a Course in Miracles that teaches that each time we find ourselves obsessing on the obstacle to just say, “choose again” and shift the thought to something positive. There were times when I had to do this hundred of times a day. I got better at it. It changed both the outcomes in and the quality of my life.


  • Develop a presencing practice. One of the most powerful tools I’ve found for managing adversity is learning how to be fully present in the present moment. The simple fact is unless we train ourselves differently, most of us spend the bulk of our lives focused on the past or the future, often in fear. If you’re reading this book you’re likely dealing with some tough, even traumatic situation right now. There are probably a lot of unknowns, worry, angst. But ask yourself this, right now in this very moment, are you basically OK? Are you right now, under direct attack? In this very moment are you warm? Do you have shelter and food? Are you breathing? If you have time to read this sentence your answer is almost certainly yes! I highly recommend reading The Power of Now, by Eckert Tolle.


Navigating adversity and clearing out obstacles is every bit as much about managing our minds as it is managing our day to day affairs. Not only will this help you navigate trauma more gently, it will add all sorts of collateral beauty and richness to the good times.

P.S. yep that is me dancing!  That was before the big adversity and yes, John and I are still together and still dancing post trauma — both the tune and the choreography are richer now.


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Wake Up! You’re Too Smart and Valuable Not To

I recently had an incredible “mountain top moment.” Have you ever had one? These are those precious, powerful moments when you transcend the normal human, day-to-day plane and really get a sense of the bigger, spiritual reality behind it all. These are the frickin’ blow-your mind, shake your foundation, open up a whole new reality and way of being moments! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these in my life and not all of them have required horrific, life-tearing hard ship.

This last one came while I was out running. I had had a good morning meditation earlier but nothing all that special. That morning the weather wasn’t even anything obviously great, slightly overcast not yet full Fall color, muted. And yet … as I ran, and breathed, I noticed every color in the slowly changing leaves. I noticed the dull blue-gray water of the irrigation canal and the big group of floating geese, many of whom had been tiny yellow fluffballs just a couple months ago. I listened to the wind blowing through the aspen and pine.

AND I felt the I Am.   In that moment I woke up, yet again, after having fallen asleep, again, to what’s real and truly important.

We are so driven to accomplish, to get awards, promotions, positions, wealth – to work hard to reach our goals. And yet, if indeed we are spiritual beings having a human experience and the purpose of this experience is to evolve as spiritual beings then every moment we are actually AWAKE in a spiritual sense is itself a destination, the accomplishment of a goal. That goal is making the most of the time we have in these human bodies.

It was such a profound moment of being fully present. It brought a sense of wonder and a huge sense of relief and relaxation. In that instant I put down the hammer, and the Do List, and just was. I remembered I was not a human doing but a human being, and so much more as well.

Does this mean I stop striving, stop trying to accomplish things in the “out there” world? No way. But it does mean I am ever more aware of something richer and deeper, a deeper purpose behind my desire to strive and achieve. I truly believe the more we live in this awakened inner place the easier the “accomplishments” flow.

I am here to tell you that whether you’re facing a big, painful challenge and want to come out the other side empowered or if you’re in great place and just want to create the very best experience of life possible then one of the single most important steps you can take is to get busy getting still! Yep, start a mindfulness or meditation practice YESTERDAY! It’s not rocket science and it can start with only a few minutes a day. It WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I got really serious about meditation three years ago when my life blew to pieces. One of the biggest breakthrough tools for me was Eckert Tolle’s book, the Power of Now. This helped me really recognize the difference between being spun around the axel of my own distracted mind and having a truly awake moment. It changed my life.

In a very real sense our thoughts ARE our life. What we think dictates how we feel far more than the other way around. Your thoughts, WAY MORE than the circumstances you are facing, are what give you an awesome day or a shitty one. And the beautiful thing is you CAN learn to control your thoughts!

A Chinese proverb says something along the lines of, “A woman may not be able to prevent birds from flying over her head, but she has a right to determine whether they will make nests in her hair.” Amen! The power of meditation is the ability to separate your thoughts and reactions from whatever situations appear in your life. I guarantee that the better you get at this the better will be the situations you find yourself in.


  • Read Eckert Tolle’s, The Power of Now and A New Earth.
  • Take a class or a coaching session on basic meditation. I offer both one-on-one sessions and a class called Meditation for Smarties! If you’re interested in that just apply through the simple form on my webpage here:
  • There’s also a useful book and CD called Meditation for Dummies (I just thought I’d elevate that a bit in my own offerings!).

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Re-Learning to Live Beyond Shackles

Have you ever carried a really heavy burden for so long that when it was gone you had to sort of relearn how to be and act without the weight bearing down on you? I’m going through that right now.

Having finally come to the end of an extremely painful and stressful 2½ year ordeal didn’t feel like I expected it would. It wasn’t immediately celebratory.   Instead it was just wildly emotional tinged with disbelief that it was finally over.

It took several days to let the waves of “goodness” of it wash in.   I felt like a totally dried out, hardened sponge that only gradually was soaking in the fact that the trauma had passed and I had been rebirthed on the other side.

I’ve heard that fish who are kept in small enclosures within bigger tanks or ponds for a long time will keep swimming in small circles for a long time after the walls of their prison are removed. I’ve seen something similar in horses and dogs that I’ve helped rescue from terribly confined and chained situations.

A Course in Miracles notes that often when people have been kept imprisoned, in chains, they don’t immediately stand up straight and celebrate — it takes a while to shake off the limiting conditioning. That’s true whether it’s physical shackles or the emotional and psychological bondage that comes from dealing with prolonged challenges, especially those that are largely out of our control.

I now have a whole new appreciation for this phenomenon and it is delicious to feel the shackles falling away.   That is the place to put the focus!

To all of you who have been strong enough to survive through big challenges and long, ongoing uncertainty and demands, I encourage you to take a breath, dive deep and swim a victory lap way outside your own small circle.

Reclaim your place in the big, big pond! Remember WHO YOU ARE!

Cylvia Hayes

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Going Through or Growing Through Our Big Mistakes

As someone who has been through it myself I now work with and support people who get caught in the horror of having their lives and careers blow up in spectacular fashion. For some people this is more public than for others and the public piece is certainly an added trauma – this I know first hand.

There are two really different forms of shaming and trauma experiences. One is when a person gets targeted and bullied for things that really are out of their control – how they look, their family situation or having something they said taken completely out of context and turned into something it wasn’t. Those are really hard circumstances because the person is truly and fully a victim of our cultural mob-mentality.

The other type is a little different in that the person being targeted made a mistake that set the whole thing in motion and the response to that mistake is way overblown and out of proportion due to sensationalist media and anonymous cyber-bullying.

Because I have been through it and because I know how ugly and dishonest media coverage of these kinds of events can be I never weigh in on any of the attacks or accusations. However, some of these more public mistakes and bullying episodes offer valuable insight for any of us going through a life and career altering identity challenge.

In some of the recent celebrity fiascos I actually got a bit angry at the public relations teams advising the person in public hot water. Olympian Ryan Lochte and comedian Kathy Griffin are poignant examples. Both of these people wound up under public assault because they made human mistakes and then they quickly returned to the public stage without taking the time to genuinely address their mistakes.  I suspect this only intensified and prolonged the trauma they were experiencing. It also backfired professionally.

And here’s what I want to stress for those of you facing something similar, whether its in the public arena, the arena of your community or even just among you and your family and friends, one of the most important steps in surviving and eventually thriving on the other side of a costly mistake is to take responsibility for it, for your own piece in the mess. This is important not only for saving your job, career, fan-base, etc., but also for coming through it more whole as a human being. It’s important for helping to heal those you harmed, including yourself.

Steps to doing this include:

  • I always say when your life blows up big you are going to have to go through it. Period. You can’t control that. But you can control whether or not you “grow” through it. Evidence shows that people who choose to learn and grow from traumatic experiences usually heal faster and healthier than those who shy away from the inner work.
  • Once you have a better understanding of yourself and why you made the mistake, apologize, genuinely, to those who were hurt by it.
  • Finally, take responsibility but don’t beat yourself to death. We’re human. We make mistakes. The bigger risks you take the bigger and more spectacular your mistakes are likely to be. Give yourself credit for having the courage to risk.

In my own process of owning and understanding my mistake I had to face aspects of myself I wasn’t very proud of — it was tremendously uncomfortable and unsettling. However, as I moved through it I also found levels of self-forgiveness and appreciation I’d never known before. There is no easy way to handle it when our human mistakes cause big damage to ourselves and others. Those experiences hurt, a lot, and they also offer huge opportunities to grow, improve and become more effective people and professionals.   That choice belongs to us.

If you’re interested in working with Cylvia to heal and thrive fill out the inquiry form here.

You can also download a free gift titled How to Breakthrough Instead of Breaking Down When Life Blows Up.

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Happy Mothers Day to All Tough Mother F…ers!

Tough Mother F…er! — Not what you think

As many of you know, one of the treasures I found in these past couple of really difficult years is a much, much deeper appreciation of my mother.

She’s had some really hard times, abused as a child and a wife and a mother. And yet, she stayed happy. She never talked about the hard stuff and she gushed about the good moments.

It used to drive me crazy! As a kid, the abuse spilled over onto me in a big way and I felt my mom was avoiding it, rewriting our history, in denial.  What the hell?!  I was pissed that she was whitewashing it.

I was wrong.

She doesn’t deny what went on. She’s just made a decision to FOCUS on the good. She has practiced gratitude for so long and so regularly that it’s now her native habitat.   She chose to find beauty and joy in simple pleasures. She made a CHOICE to be happy.

My mother is one Tough Mother Focuser! (Ha! You probably thought Tough Mother F..’er was going in a different direction! )

Focus is power. From the Law of Attraction, to The Secret, to recent developments in quantum physics, there are now mountains of evidence showing that our thoughts and intentions have concrete substance – they are very consequential. They shape our reality, our experiences, even our bodies.

For the last 30 years my mom’s life has not only delivered freedom from abuse but also beauty, love, joy, financial security.  And, as it turns out, greater appreciation from her children than she probably ever could have imagined.

My mom didn’t whitewash or run away from anything. Instead of delusional she’s intentional. She chose to focus on the positive because somehow she knew that life was much more than whatever awful situation we might be dealing with in any given moment.  Somehow, despite her very limited and challenging upbringing she knew that often the only thing we can control is how we choose to respond to any given situation and what we choose to FOCUS on.

Looking back I now see that I learned so much from her example. I have big time “Resiliency Muscles” and man, am I ever grateful for them!

Thanks Mom. You have set and continue to set such a beautiful example.   Happy Mother’s Day. I am so grateful for, and to, you.

Cylvia Hayes

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Happy Earth Day!

On this Earth Day 2017 I hope all of you take some time today to get outside and enjoy and appreciate our beautiful planet — maybe even put your feet in the sand!

I’ll be celebrating at the New Economy & Social Innovation Forum in Malaga Spain. We’ve had an incredible event so far and I am truly inspired by all the positive developments, energy and deep commitments to really positive change.

In honor of Earth Day here are a few pieces of good news (that you rarely hear about in the news) about what’s happening on our lovely blue planet.  Like each of us the Earth has been going through some trauma.  And like each of us, with a little support, she’s resilient and capable of healing.

  • Vegetation cover globally has actually increased since 2003 due to the natural regrowth of savannahs in Australia and Africa and forests in Russia, and also large-scale reforestation programs in China.
  • Clean energy is growing at a record pace. Last year the U.S. added 11 Hoover Dams worth of renewable energy and the world broke records for solar and wind installations.
  • Electric vehicles soared past 1 million in 2015 and are on-pace to reach 20 million by 2020.
  • As you read this a Conservation Optimism summit is taking place in London where environmentalists and wildlife biologists are sharing the many conservation, restoration and species recovery successes going on right now on the planet
    Today I celebrate this gorgeous blue planet and the incredible diversity of life she supports. I also celebrate the successes we environmentalists, eco-entrepreneurs, scientists and advocates are having in protecting her.

Here’s to healing our lovely selves and our lovely planet!

Cylvia Hayes

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Taking Your Power Back with Forgiveness

Me, Soraya Deen and Lawrence Schechter at Central Oregon City Club. Topic a Muslim Woman’s story of life in America.

Something extraordinary just happened. I had wanted to go to an event today but had expected to be out of town. My schedule changed so I hadn’t had to travel but I’d forgotten all about the event. Then, this morning, two hours before start time, a friend contacted me to say he had an extra ticket if I wanted it.

At first I was going to say no. I had other plans and work I wanted to get to, but something about the event and the serendipitous invitation pulled me, so I went and wound up listening to an extraordinary woman. Soraya Deen is co-founder of the Muslim Women’s Speakers Movement. She was in my hometown, Bend Oregon, to share her story of being a Muslim woman in America. Her message is one of peace, mutual respect, kindness and taking action to make our world a more peaceful and beautiful place.

Me thanking Soraya Deen for her beautiful message of kindness, mutual respect and celebrating diversity.  

As I was listening to her powerful story and wisdom I realized that just a few feet from me at the next table were two people who had piled onto the media attacks against me. One had lied about me to reporters, trying to capture five minutes of fame at my expense. The other was his girlfriend who had also been unkind. Just a year and a half before this man lied about me to the press he had asked me, because I was in a fairly prominent position, to write a chapter and help promote a book he’d been working on. One moment I was good enough to help him write a book, the next he was publically maligning me.

As I covertly looked at him while he watched the speaker, emotions surged and my first reaction was to confront him, call him out on his nasty, dishonest behavior. Then I remembered all the hard work I’ve done these past two years to forgive and to avoid putting into the world the same ugliness I’d received. Just as I was experiencing this, a teenager in the audience asked Soraya what advice she had for the youth. She said, “Be kind. It’s the most important thing. Be kind even to people who harm you.

I snapped back into the present moment. I knew she spoke truth and I knew I was being given a chance to act on it. So I re-envisioned what I might say if the two approached me. I would not accuse or hit back. I would merely say, “I hope you’re doing well and that your wounds have healed.”

As it turned out as soon as they realized I was there, they got noticeably uncomfortable and took off immediately at the end of the speech. Half an hour later after a wonderful visit with Soraya and some of the other guests I was leaving the building just as another woman was coming in. I realized it was the girlfriend. She saw me and flushed. I held the door open for her. She kept her head down, avoided eye contact and mumbled “thank you” as she nervously scurried through. I said, “You’re welcome.”

One of my favorite metaphors lately is that choosing not to forgive is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. Forgiveness isn’t saying what they did was OK – forgiveness is choosing to take your power back.

My head was high and my heart light as I walked from the building into the sunshine.

Cylvia Hayes 

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