Videos & Press

This page highlights some of Cylvia’s speeches and interviews as well as press coverage of her work.

Speeches and Interviews

A little sermon during a campout! Nature, Mysticism and Miracles

Who Do You Think You Are, Really? Cylvia's recent TEDx Talk

Helping Change Makers Take Their Work to the Next Level

Cylvia's first "sermon": Bright Treasures in the Dark Nights of the Soul

How a Fall from Grace Brought a More Graceful Relationship with Time

Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who are We?

Telling the Story of How She Became an Activist

Cylvia Hayes Addresses Poverty Summit 2014

Speaking about Ocean Issues at Oregon State University

Speaking about Ocean Acidification along the Pacific NW Coast

Welcome to my website

Television Interviews

Cylvia being Interviewed about Poverty on Comcast Newsmakers

Cylvia being Turned into a Monster on Behalf of Planet Earth!

Podcasts and Radio Interviews

Interview with Cylvia on Unpundit podcast Feb. 2017

Print Media Coverage of Cylvia Hayes 

Article by Evergreen State College on Cylvia’s Career

Article about Cylvia’s participation in the Global Wellbeing Lab

Article in Grist about media and political attacks on Cylvia

Article about Cylvia’s First Days as First Lady of Oregon