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Cylvia Hayes

Empowerment Coach, International Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher

Cylvia Hayes is a certified Empowerment Coach and Trainer, an award-winning environmental and anti-poverty activist and the former First Lady of Oregon. A committed social change-maker, she is founder and CEO of 3EStrategies and Cylvia Hayes Enterprises. She Her book, When Life Blows Up: Peace, Power and Reinvention will be out in early 2019.

Cylvia has led a very unconventional life – starting out as a cowgirl and farm kid, surviving deep trauma, winding up on her own at 16, working as a heavy equipment operator and playing scholarship soccer to pay for becoming a first generation college graduate. Later founding successful businesses, traveling to over 20 countries (so far), being appointed by governors and even serving as First Lady of Oregon. Most recently moving through an intense public shaming to the stage to deliver a widely viewed TEDx talk.

Cylvia pulls all of these rich experiences together to help people master big life transitions and reinvent career and self-identity with peace, power and purpose.  She aspires to change our world for the better by helping change-makers become their best, most effective and empowered selves.

Choosing Your Easter

Choosing Your Easter

Remember it’s not about the crucifixion. It’s not about the ones jabbing spears or pounding in the nails. The whole point is the resurrection.  It’s all about the incredible strength and beauty that rises up because of the challenge. Jesus demonstrated that when we remember who we truly a [...]

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