Wake Up! You’re Too Smart and Valuable Not To

I recently had an incredible “mountain top moment.” Have you ever had one? These are those precious, powerful moments when you transcend the normal human, day-to-day plane and really get a sense of the bigger, spiritual reality behind it all. These are the frickin’ blow-your mind, shake your foundation, open up a whole new reality and way of being moments! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these in my life and not all of them have required horrific, life-tearing hard ship.

This last one came while I was out running. I had had a good morning meditation earlier but nothing all that special. That morning the weather wasn’t even anything obviously great, slightly overcast not yet full Fall color, muted. And yet … as I ran, and breathed, I noticed every color in the slowly changing leaves. I noticed the dull blue-gray water of the irrigation canal and the big group of floating geese, many of whom had been tiny yellow fluffballs just a couple months ago. I listened to the wind blowing through the aspen and pine.

AND I felt the I Am.   In that moment I woke up, yet again, after having fallen asleep, again, to what’s real and truly important.

We are so driven to accomplish, to get awards, promotions, positions, wealth – to work hard to reach our goals. And yet, if indeed we are spiritual beings having a human experience and the purpose of this experience is to evolve as spiritual beings then every moment we are actually AWAKE in a spiritual sense is itself a destination, the accomplishment of a goal. That goal is making the most of the time we have in these human bodies.

It was such a profound moment of being fully present. It brought a sense of wonder and a huge sense of relief and relaxation. In that instant I put down the hammer, and the Do List, and just was. I remembered I was not a human doing but a human being, and so much more as well.

Does this mean I stop striving, stop trying to accomplish things in the “out there” world? No way. But it does mean I am ever more aware of something richer and deeper, a deeper purpose behind my desire to strive and achieve. I truly believe the more we live in this awakened inner place the easier the “accomplishments” flow.

I am here to tell you that whether you’re facing a big, painful challenge and want to come out the other side empowered or if you’re in great place and just want to create the very best experience of life possible then one of the single most important steps you can take is to get busy getting still! Yep, start a mindfulness or meditation practice YESTERDAY! It’s not rocket science and it can start with only a few minutes a day. It WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I got really serious about meditation three years ago when my life blew to pieces. One of the biggest breakthrough tools for me was Eckert Tolle’s book, the Power of Now. This helped me really recognize the difference between being spun around the axel of my own distracted mind and having a truly awake moment. It changed my life.

In a very real sense our thoughts ARE our life. What we think dictates how we feel far more than the other way around. Your thoughts, WAY MORE than the circumstances you are facing, are what give you an awesome day or a shitty one. And the beautiful thing is you CAN learn to control your thoughts!

A Chinese proverb says something along the lines of, “A woman may not be able to prevent birds from flying over her head, but she has a right to determine whether they will make nests in her hair.” Amen! The power of meditation is the ability to separate your thoughts and reactions from whatever situations appear in your life. I guarantee that the better you get at this the better will be the situations you find yourself in.


  • Read Eckert Tolle’s, The Power of Now and A New Earth.
  • Take a class or a coaching session on basic meditation. I offer both one-on-one sessions and a class called Meditation for Smarties! If you’re interested in that just apply through the simple form on my webpage here: https://www.cylviahayes.net/coaching/
  • There’s also a useful book and CD called Meditation for Dummies (I just thought I’d elevate that a bit in my own offerings!).

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