We are ALL Jedis!

WARNING! Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t already seen Star Wars the Last Jedi, skip this post and come back later after you’ve seen the movie.

So, I only go out to the movies a few times a year. AND, I have NEVER gone out to see the same movie twice in one week. Until The Last Jedi. I first watched it with some very good girlfriends and was so struck I immediately wanted to share it with John.

It’s not that it’s hugely entertaining (it is) that grabbed me.   It’s that it is quite simply one of the most profoundly spiritual movies I’ve ever seen.

Partway through the second viewing I had to pull out a piece of paper and start taking notes! Never done that before either.

One of the clear messages that jumped out at me was the repeated point that Jedis are NOT EXCEPTIONAL! That’s right! Like Jesus they are not exceptions but examples of what we all can be.

Luke tries to bury the Jedi religion. Yoda, impishly but powerfully, seems to destroy it. The whole point is that anytime deep truths become an idolized, organized religion, the true power is lost.

Then, Leia, when nearly all their armies, ships and material resources are lost says, “Everything we need is right here”.

The point is not to try and find religion, to seek special training from “Masters” (not there’s anything wrong with that but it’s not the only answer). The answer is to AWAKEN to the powerful force within and all around us.

So fellow Jedis, Happy Holidays! May the light side of The Force be strong in you and our world in the New Year!

Love and Peace to you all,


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