I invite you to check out TRANSCEND, where I share insights on economic evolution, spiritual development, and world events through the lens of creating a healthier world for all beings.  I’ll include good thinking from diverse thought-leaders.

We are living in an extraordinary time of change, pressure and potential.  What’s needed in this time is a shift in consciousness, an evolution in modern humanity’s understanding of our place in, and relationship to ourselves and the rest of Nature.  This will not come top-down from governmental programs, but rather from a massive groundswell of people thinking and acting differently.  As old norms crack, we, those of us alive right now, have a genuine, powerful opportunity to create a more beautiful world.

In this newsletter I will present ideas about how we can transcend the darkness, and create a more beautiful world that works for all beings.  I’ll share concrete examples of where and how that transcendence is already underway.  A critical first step in creating a better world is rethinking the one we have now.

This is indeed a challenging, tumultuous time, but also a time of profound possibility.  It will not be easy to reinvent the world, but with love and firm intention we can do it. This is the time to transcend.

In reverence and hope for these extraordinary times.

Here is the link to TRANSCEND!