Slaying the Giant of Limiting Beliefs

It may surprise you but I want to say thank you to the Oregonian newspaper. Without their 3½ years of ongoing attacks I would never have grown and deepened as I have, and am.

I truly would have been surprised if they hadn’t launched another one just on the eve of my TEDxBend talk. They did. And all it’s done is generate a flood of love and encouragement from friends and supporters all across the community. For that too I am grateful.

Someone just asked me if I felt like the Oregonian was my Goliath. I started to say yes and then realized that actually they were just a symptom of my real Goliath, and that is my (up until now) lifelong sense of not being good enough. That giant has caused me some real harm over the years. But in an amazing turn of events, the Oregonian’s nastiness has helped me find liberation. Now, each one of their attacks just becomes another stone in my sling helping me slay the giant of limiting self-beliefs.

As I’ll talk about on Saturday one of the huge upsides of these ongoing challenges has been learning that peace and empowerment is a choice and there are practical ways to grow our ability to stay above the battlefield and in joy despite the crap that might be swirling in the circumstances of day-to-day life.

What’s your Goliath? And what tools, however strangely or perversely disguised, can you use to bring him down?

Huge love to all of you for being there and showing kindness and support. I look forward to seeing a bunch of you this Saturday.




3 thoughts on “Slaying the Giant of Limiting Beliefs

  • That you for your inspiring Being Cylvia. Enthusiasm means “with God.” This quality of Life and charisma (ability to move people) I’ve noticed you express very naturally. There is no doubt in my mind these stellar qualities form basis of RNC attacks. You are a very serious threat and I’m sorry to hear of such abuse of someone so excellent.

    For myself and thus issue of “worthiness” and overcoming aggressive shaming and active or historic abuse , what a brilliant question and topic. Firstly my faith the universe at its core is love, peace and deep compassion. These qualities form basis for dissolving such painful imprints. I ❤️ scholar Neil Douglas Klotz books aa related to this Living Universe and its powerful organic regenerative aspects. Today I’m meditating on qualities of Barr, Tawwab, Muntaqadim, Afuw and Rauf respectively the organic qualities of burnishing, returning to rhythm, sweeping out, blowing away the ashes and healing wings from “The Sufi Book of Life.” Coming after these heart purifying aspects of the Divine are passionate vision and overwhelming power and beauty.

    To further address this important theme I would 💕🙏🙏 to hear your talk. Is there a lunk to listen to it?

    • Beautiful comments Cynthia. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. My TED will be up within a month or so I’m told. Peace, Cylvia

  • Perhaps it is the feeling nature of the feminine principle being attacked. Thecwestern world appears Idolize reason at the expense of the feeling feelings and connecting organicallly with Life . Your topic as brilliant addresses something all women face to a degree. Healing these cultural shaming imprints is part of it form me if I am to embrace my own inherent worthiness. . I read an article that presented the idea that women as the original caregivers are feared deeply by terrified infants. This unconscious memory was used to explain severity of attacks seen toward feminine power.

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