Empowerment Coaching

Purpose, Power and the True You

Cylvia draws on personal experience, professional experience and extensive research to support people who want to break through instead of breaking down.  She offers specialized coaching services to support you in developing resiliency, turning trauma into triumph, reinventing after loss/transition and moving past burn-out and being stuck.

  • Blow through the sense of not being good enough
  • Find and take action toward purpose-filled work and service
  • Release limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Release unnecessary fears
  • Discover the exquisite power of an open heart no matter what events are swirling through their lives.

Cylvia works with a wide variety of clients and specializes in the following:

  • Supporting people who are in the process of reinventing following loss or transition
  • Executive coaching for eco and social entrepreneurs and positive change-makers reduce stress, take their business or project to the next level and make their biggest positive impact on our world
  • Supporting environmental and social activists to be fully empowered (and more hopeful and happy) change-makers.
  • Helping people recover from bullying in a way that makes them stronger, healthier and more confident
  • Helping people recover from high profile public shaming events in a way that reduces their stress, makes them stronger, more confident and heals and expands both their personal and public identities.

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