Gratitude Tree

For many of us the COVID experience has pared us down, peeled back layers, and honed us in on values and priorities.  For me during this time of isolation from society at-large, I’ve come to more deeply appreciate simple human connection.

I live in a quiet neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac and quite simply it is “neighbor Nirvana” and I feel so lucky to be here.  We get quite a few joggers and dog walkers in our little hood.

The central feature of my front yard is a lovely flowering crabapple tree.  She is currently bare for winter.  Well, not totally bare, because I just converted her into “Gratitude Tree.”  I placed a bunch of small wood rounds in a basket and invited neighbors and passers-by to write what they are grateful for, drop the round back in the basket and I’ll hang it on the tree.

It’s gotten a great response.  Some of the gratitudes so far include:

  • Family, the best support during this crazy year
  • My health!
  • Baby Anders — our first kiddo
  • Dogs!
  • My Job
  • Love
  • Magic in 2021

My own gratitudes included Mother Earth, John, Jonathan, my awesome neighbors, and my home. 

I just love finding new gratitude discs in the basket or seeing someone stopped out front writing out their blessing.  It’s even sweeter because the rounds are from logs my dear friend dropped off sometime back because she no longer has a wood stove.  And, my neighbor, who’s a skilled woodworker, sawed them into rounds and drilled the hang holds for me.  My tall son brought his big ladder over and he hangs the really tall ones for me.

It’s all just simple, lovely human connection, and I am certainly grateful for that.

What would you hang on Gratitude Tree?

PS, the tree is really cool when the wind is blowing a bit — the whole thing looks like a hanging mobile.  You can see a video on my Facebook page.

Much Love,


Full Spiral Gratitude

Freya having her own full spiral Thanksgiving all safe, toasty and comfy on a couch with people who truly love her.

Another Thanksgiving but definitely not a full circle experience. I don’t believe we ever come full circle, but instead full spiral; we may return to familiar settings but we are never exactly the same as we were before. A woman can never step in the same river because the river has already shifted and so has she.

One year ago today I was stilled mired in legal and financial challenges, but not any more.

One year ago my son was still halfway across the country locked up in a terrible place. Today he’s here with me building a beautiful life.

At this time last year my coaching work was barely a thing, now it’s a full blown program helping lots of awesome people launch their next chapters of life, career and relationship.

Holy cow a year ago I still really didn’t know where I was going with the book and now it is with the publisher!

My current major clients and the New Economy college course I’m developing (and super excited about) weren’t even on the radar screen a year ago.

Last Thanksgiving my beloved Tessa was still with us and I had no idea how little time we had left. The missing is still strong, near the surface and tender. But along with that a year ago Freya was in a situation of neglect and basic survival. She’ll spend today wagging, wiggling, snuggling on the couch, gently begging for (and receiving) delicious morsels.

I feel so blessed and grateful it’s difficult to contain it. I find myself thinking of the scene in Jerry Maguire when Rod learns he has landed a big contract with the NFL team of his dreams and starts spouting thanks to his family, friends, agent and then, in joyful overwhelm blurts out, “I just love everybody!”

I truly hope everyone who reads this has reason to celebrate a full spiral moment and feel bursting at the seems levels of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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I AM Gratitude

Today I Am steeped in deep gratitude for who I Am, just exactly as I Am.  

I Am giving thanks for my life, exactly as it is, where it is, in Divine Order.

I Am giving thanks to Spirit, from Spirit, in advance, for the next growth and changes I desire, for the next beautiful unfoldings in my life and our world.

Comparison, envy, fear and unforgiveness I release to the Universe to be cleansed and corrected. Because I Am incomparable, a stream of individualized expression of God. So are you.

I Am grateful.

I Am gratitude.

I Am.

And so are You.