Getting Irritated with an Angel

Dog spelled backwards is GOD.

I just got irritated with an angel.

This morning while doing my meditation and spiritual practices I had a message come through that I should drop the planning for a while, just do what’s right in front of me and trust the rest would work out.

Well, I am a planner baby! I have a daily do list, a weekly do list and longer range goals and plans. I like lists so much that when I wind up doing something productive that’s not on the list that day, I’ll write it on just so I can cross it off. Yes, I know, I know. …

Well, one thing on today’s list was taking my laptop to the shop because the battery needed to be replaced. I took Tessa, my big dog, with me because the computer shop is in the Old Mill District here in Bend Oregon and it’s beautiful and really dog-friendly. Tessa loves going there.

She is nine now and is slowing down a bit. As she’s getting older, sniffing is becoming more important. It’s like her olfactory system takes over the rest of her brain more often.  

So I get out of the car, laptop and hound dog in tow, in a hurry because I want to squeeze my work-out in before my next meeting. Tessa is trying to sniff every post and bush along the way (I call this checking her peemails). I am tugging on her a little saying, “Come on. Let’s go. Less sniffing more walking. Etc.” This blond woman walks past and says, “Oh yes, let’s not stop and smell the flowers because we have important things to do.” Well! The nerve of her! So annoying!

And then I realized she was telling me exactly what I’d been told in my meditation that morning. I started laughing and called out to her, “You know that’s exactly the message I needed just then. I’ll take the dog’s cue and smell some flowers!” The woman never turned around just gave me a thumps up over her shoulder.

It took ten minutes to walk the 100 feet to the computer store, Tessa checking peemails and me sniffing roses and lilies feeling the warm sun on our hides.

I think the lady may have been an angel. I’m certain it cannot be coincidence that dog written backwards spells G-O-D.

Cylvia Hayes

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2 thoughts on “Getting Irritated with an Angel

  • Ah yes, I take my dogs out for their jaunt everyday. We go to the edge of a huge alfalfa field where a canal runs by us. The dogs are off leash and wander where they will, following where ever their noses take them. I throw the ball for the young girl and she retrieves it until she gets hot then she will leap into the canal and cool off. When they both have tired they will come lay at my feet and we will listen to the wind in the trees and the bird song. This is my meditation time, just being, with my dogs, and listening to the wind. God indeed.

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