Fall … Falling … away … and into place

fall-leaves-fallingToday is the first day of Fall. I LOVE the turning of the seasons. And I seem to especially love it when I’m in a time of challenge and major life reinvention. Seeing Nature do her thing reminds that life goes on, things keep moving.

Autumn is a time of harvesting the hard-earned growth of previous seasons. It’s also a time of pulling in our sap and shedding the dry pieces of ourselves that no longer grow.  This includes, as starters ….

  • Dry leaves
  • People who are unkind and judgmental
  • Habits that gnaw at our self-respect
  • And perhaps, most importantly, old, outdated beliefs (especially about ourselves) that hold us back.

I love the part in the cycle where the old leaves get ground into pieces and then become rich soil for vibrant new growth and life.

Leaves … and pieces of our lives … falling away ….  and into place.

What are YOU currently harvesting?  And, what OLD, DRY things are you SHEDDING?

Happy Equinox everyone!  To shedding the old in ways that enrich the new!

Cylvia Hayes

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2 thoughts on “Fall … Falling … away … and into place

  • Actually Cylvia, you’re a day early. Autumnal equinox this year is Thursday, September 22 at 2:20 pm, Pacific time.
    I do enjoy reading your thoughts. Hope they are helping.


    • Greetings Pat, thanks for dropping a note. I had to post this to my blog site one day early so I could schedule it to hit FB on the actual Equinox — today! Glad you are enjoying my writings. Peace, Cylvia

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