Three Truths about Friends

true-friendsI am feeling incredibly grateful for the amazing, generous people in my life.

I’ve spoken with so many people who have been through really challenging life situations and have lost friends in the process. I was totally shocked and deeply hurt by how many people walked away when I was in the midst of my crisis.

And here’s what I’ve learned:


If they abandon you when you’re at your lowest they weren’t really friends to begin with and you’re better off knowing it.

2) You never know when or where a true friend will show up.

Each time I’ve gone through a really difficult, as in life-changingly difficult situation I’ve come out the other side with, other than a very few exceptions, a whole new set of friends.

I think as we grow, as we are transformed by the things we go through, we attract different people into our lives. Those few who weather the storms and make the transformations with us are rare, and beyond special.

3) TRUE friends are PRECIOUS!

Just this past week I’ve received so much love. One old friend gifted me an amazing retreat working with Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly program. Two others gave me their time and expertise in some business dealings. One new friend who has quickly become a best friend was once again unbelievably generous with her time and brilliance. One brand new friend freely offered me her life coaching wisdom and tools, even creating a custom-designed video program for me! I was so touched by her generosity. And, then in the truly tried and true best friend category John offered complete support and encouragement as I’m embarking on a new venture.

Thank you to you all!

Cylvia Hayes

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One thought on “Three Truths about Friends

  • It’s because of who you are, Cylvia… that you will always attract the very best into your life as you let go of what and who is not working in yor life…..and working through the emotions in your beautiful writing….carry on….dear heart….sending my love and peace…..Doll

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