The Christ — What?!!

If two years ago you had told me I’d be doing what I’m about to be doing I’d have asked what you’d been smoking! In a week I’ll be teaching a class called The Christ. What?! Never in a million years would have seen that one coming.

I was raised in a heavy-handed, hellfire and brimstone version of Christianity that never felt good to me and in my late teens I completely rejected and abandoned it. For the next couple of decades, even though I was still spiritually curious, I would have nothing to do with anything related to Jesus, Christianity, the Bible. But then, a few years ago, my life blew to pieces in spectacular fashion and I knew I needed spiritual community so I reconnected with the local branch of Unity I’d attended many, many years before. Seeking healing and understanding I began taking a bunch of spiritually oriented classes and study groups. Before I knew it I was taking classes on the ministerial track with Unity Worldwide Ministries. Those classes dealt a lot with Jesus and the Bible, but from a totally different perspective than what I’d experienced. I began to understand the difference between the religion about Jesus and the religious of Jesus. I came to see that Jesus wasn’t just an exception but rather an example. I explain this in an excerpt from my upcoming book, When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power and Reinvention.

“Jesus was a human being who remembered his true identity and activated his innate divinity. He was able to live fully, full-time in Christ consciousness, a state of being that engages at the spiritual rather than purely physical level. I now view Christ as not so much a religious term but rather, a psychological one; it is a state of being and a way of thinking. It certainly is not Jesus’ last name! Accepting Christ is not reaching out to some being beyond yourself, but instead opening up to the Christ consciousness that is innate in each of us. It is a coming home to the power we truly are. … We are expressions and extensions of God, like tentacles, each unique but also a part of the overall divine organism. We are each divinity individualized, a cell in the collective consciousness. The more we open up to this self identity the better will be our lives and the more good we will bring into our world.”

What I am learning is that there is never only one way to look at ourselves, our pasts, or concepts we’ve been programmed with and we have incredible power to reclaim and reframe each of those things. My whole life I’ve been experiencing The Christ – when I was out immersed in Nature, or deeply in the present moment feeling peaceful and connected, or giving love to another – I just didn’t call it that. It doesn’t matter what we call it. What matters is remembering that we have access, at all times, to the more that each of us is.

Life is constantly changing. Why not allow ourselves to unlearn as well as to learn and to stretch in directions we never saw coming? It is going to be a rich week and I am going to be teaching and watching myself doing so and shaking my head in wonder and gratitude.

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