Sacred Spirals by Cylvia Hayes


I saw a crow trying to eat a snail.  It pecked and poked the glossy spiral shell, tossing it this way and that.
The snail stayed tucked up tight.
The crow gave up and took flight. 
After several moments of still, the brave snail tentatively unfurled its delicate antennae and long, soft body and slid forward on its journey.
It was a significant decision.  The snail could stay curled up inside its armor and be safe from attack.  However, in order to move forward, find sustenance, and perhaps a mate, it had to extend its soft, vulnerable parts.
Each of us, on our spiraling human journeys, face that same choice over and over again.  Do we play it safe, keep our shields up, protected from potential pain or attack?  Or, do we stretch out our soft inner selves, slowly slide forward, expose our delicate antennae to love, and really LIVE? 
Do you choose to survive or thrive? 

By Cylvia Hayes

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