How to Flip a Bad Mood

keep_calm_and_focus_on_appreciation_mousepadRecently I was in a pissy mood. I was super frustrated about legal complications that were still dragging on and completely out of my control. Several pending work projects had been delayed by over a month and I was worried, again, about how I was going to pay the bills. Stressed, depressed and feeling stuck, I was right on the verge of just giving up on the day, grabbing the TV remote and hitting the couch.

And, then a question popped into my head – “What’s GREAT in my life right now?” The frustrated cranky part of me tried to shake it away but soon I found myself thinking about my great relationship with John, my wonderful friends, Tessa my awesome 100-pound lapdog, my cozy little home, the sparkling summer day. Pretty soon I realized there were actually only a couple of things going on that weren’t great! My whole mood flipped and I had to laugh. I realized I’d been doing a version of that thing when your hair looks great, your outfit is fantastic, but all you notice is the zit on your chin!

When I look back at even the darkest, heaviest, hardest times in my life I can see there was always a ton of good stuff too.

What’s great right now? This simple little question has the power to bust us right out of a bad mood because it puts us in a frame of gratitude and appreciation. And what we appreciate appreciates! So now, every time I find myself feeling low, fixating on the zits in my life I ask myself that simple question.

Give it a try! WHAT IN YOUR LIFE IS GREAT RIGHT NOW? Make a list. Say ‘em out loud. Feeling better?!

Cylvia Hayes

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