Dating Side by Side

One area of reinvention I often support people with is relationships. Many times this is about getting back into dating after divorce, death of a spouse, or just being single and focused on other things for a long time. This can often be a pretty vulnerable and intimidating experience.

Something I’ve found that can be very helpful is what I call “dating side by side”. It’s pretty common practice in the first few dates to get together for lunch or dinner or coffee, sitting face to face across a table and probing one another with questions. There’s nothing at all wrong with this but it can be pretty intimidating and even downright awkward.

A different approach is to get together for an activity you like for it’s own sake – could be hiking, pickle ball, a music festival, museum visit or countless other things. This enables both of you to move around, interact with other people, discuss things happening around you and a get a feel for each other beyond just watching each other eat and facing off for questions.

One of my clients even told me she had a great date taking a guy out into the forest to dig up and collect native plants (with a permit by the way!). Way to go sister!

Side by side dating can be a great way to get back out there and open up to the possibility of love in a way that is less intimidating and a lot more fun. And by golly that’s really how it should be!

This pic is of John and me beekeeping side by side!  Probably not the best idea for a first date but hey, after 16 years and all we’ve been through it works for us.  We have a beeutiful partnership (OK, I couldn’t help myself — sorry!).



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