Miraculous Living

A Course in Miracles

defines a miracle as “a correction in error thinking.” I have found this to be profoundly, beautifully true. In the Miraculous Living program, we provide fun, deep insights and tools for transforming our thinking and discovering peace and power as a result.

We are living in a time of profound and rapid change. Each of us are changing on a personal level, moving through various life stages and circumstances. And we are doing so in a time of cultural and global transition. It’s a lot to navigate. And it is a beautiful opportunity.

I have created the Miraculous Living program to help people apply miracle-minded principles in order to create more peaceful and empowered lives and careers. Through this program we:

  • Learn to recognize and release old programming we picked up along the way that no longer serves us.
  • Gain practical tools for releasing conflict and stepping out of unnecessary battlefields.
  • Open up attachment to a pre-determined self-identity in order to step into and embrace our fuller, more empowered selves.
  • Gain tools and techniques for moving through life, with all its myriad situations, challenges and beauty from a place of agency and spiritual poise.

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