Powerful Peaceful ChangeMaker Program

As a hard working environmental or social justice change advocate you deal with all the normal human challenges we all face along with the added challenge of sitting in the middle of big, gnarly, painful world issues every single day.

That takes courage and a unique level of commitment.

This is a challenging time to be an environmental or social justice advocate. There is a lot going on, a lot of bad news and a lot of seeming chaos. It can be very easy to feel burned out, in pain and too overwhelmed to be inspired. Too often we slip into the same level of consciousness – the anger, the fear, the othering – that created a lot of the problems in the first place.

I know this first hand from my own experience as a lifelong environmentalist and social change advocate and social entrepreneur.  I know it from my own career successes … and catastrophic failures.

The TRUTH is, we will only be our most effective in our work for the outer environment, for the causes we care about, when we learn how to better care for our own inner environments.

The best way to succeed, to be your most effective in overcoming the dark forces harming our communities, land, air and waters is to develop practices of personal resiliency and empowerment.  That is what I am committed to helping you do.  This coaching program will empower you with:

—   Releasing and preventing stress

—   Moving from burned out to on fire

—   Staying focused on the big issues AND staying optimistic

—   Replacing fear with joy

—   Vastly increasing your effectiveness in accomplishing your mission  

My team and I will provide practical, efficient tools and strategies for you to be able to address the important issues you’re working on in a way that will help you transform fear and despair into inspiration and a sense of empowerment.

I cannot tell you strongly enough how much I would like to support you making your biggest positive contribution. The world needs you, right now, right in this critical time to be your most effective. That’s why I have created one of the only coaching support programs in the world focused on providing social change advocates and activists with tools and practices for resiliency, power and peace. I would truly love to support you.



To schedule a free reinvention consultation click here or send an email to info@cylviahayes.com.

Here’s a short video that show some of what Cylvia provides to fellow changemakers.