Building Beautiful Relationships

Our relationships often bring the most joy or the worst pain we experience. A healthy, vibrant, fully committed love relationship can be the greatest source of happiness and fulfillment we ever experience. The absence of such can be a terrible hole in our lives. Even worse are relationships that are present but downright unpleasant.

Without some training we’re most often focused on what we’d like to change in the other person but the true power lies in realizing that our relationships are the greatest mirrors and classrooms in our lives. The quality, health, or lack thereof, of our relationships give us a phenomenal diagnostic tool to see where we are self-sabotaging, being unloving, or being subconsciously unlovable.

One of my greatest surprises as a coach has been being in demand in the area of relationships. You see my relationship path has been unconventional to say the least. I was kicked out of my family home at 16 and wound up pretty much divorcing my biological family for a number of years. In the meantime I got married and divorced a couple times. In my early twenties I left behind all former friends and started life completely anew never expecting to see any of them again. I have made mistakes that took a terrible toll on the people I love most in the world.

Somehow along the way, through it all, I learned the art of beautiful relationships. I am now fifteen years with the same gorgeous life partner and although he and I went through some things that would have ended many marriages, we are stronger than ever.  To this day, even in those dark times, we have never intentionally said anything unkind to one another.  My mom and I, after years of very little and very strained communication, now have a beautiful, mutually respectful, ever-deepening relationship. I have even learned how to heal and transform relationships with people no longer on this planet.

My lovely Mom. Okie night at my place!

I guess getting thrown into the deep end worked for me!  I had plenty of opportunity to experience relationships that weren’t working and to figure out how to do things differently.  I love pulling on my unconventional track record, evolution and training to help clients develop beautiful, healthy negative drama-free relationships in their lives too!

Relationship coaching can be with intimate couples, just friends or with single people who want closer, healthier relationships. My specialty is helping people look through the lens of relationship to see how to grow as individuals and open up to love by being love.


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