Empowerment Coaching

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Turn Trauma to Triumph

Cylvia knows what it’s like to have life knock you down and the hard work it takes to get back up. She knows what it’s like to be bullied and shamed, overcome it and then stand up to end it. She also knows what it’s like to face your fear, take a risk and set out to do something big and bold. And she knows, first-hand, how much it helps to have strong, positive supporters helping survive and thrive. That’s why she trained to became a certified strategic coach through the Tony Robbins/ Chloe Madanes Coaches Training institute.

With her Above and Beyond Coaching works with people who want to break open and break through instead of breaking down.  She offers specialized coaching services to support people in overcoming despair, turning trauma into triumph, avoiding burn out and developing powerful Resiliency Muscles.  She works to empower fellow change-makers.

Cylvia specializes in:

  • Helping people recover from bullying in a way that makes them stronger, healthier and more confident. She also helps people who got involved with bullying find their true, kind, confident selves.
  • Helping people recover from high profile public shaming events in a way that reduces their stress, makes them stronger, more confident and heals and expands both their personal and public identities.
  • Working with environmentalists and social activists to be hopeful, centered, healthy and really powerful in their work.
  • Helping eco and social entrepreneurs and positive change-makers reduce stress, take their business or project to the next level and make their biggest positive impact on our world.