Nearly two lion-scarsyears ago my life blew up as I found myself in the bulls-eye of a media-driven prolonged public shaming.

Suddenly I had to face:

  • Burning humiliation and shame,
  • The terror of feeling my identity and career shattering,
  • Painful realization of how blind I have been to my own ego, and,
  • A deep sense of loss and abandonment,
  • There were many days I could not get off the couch — just binge-watching TV trying to escape the awful reality.

And yet, amazingly, I have also experienced some of the most profoundly peaceful, deeply beautiful moments of my entire life. My heart is more open than I realized possible. I notice simple beauties I used to pass by. I am touched to the core by simple kindness I used to take for granted.  I am learning the truly awesome power of forgiveness of those who attacked me and of myself.  Maybe just as importantly I am learning that we can choose whether or not we allow attacks to damage or lessen us.

I still have moments of anger, fear and frustration. I still succumb to the occasional anesthesia of binge watching Game of Thrones or Heartland. But something deep and powerful has shifted.

In the painful assault on my former self, something profoundly sweet and powerful, my bigger, deeper self is coming to life. The purpose of this blog is to share insights, experiences and resources that may help others facing painful circumstances to break through instead of breaking down. My prayer is that it will help spread kindness. More kindness could heal us and our world. It is one of the most important things we need to survive.

My very first blog post can be found here.

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Thank you for visiting this page and sharing the journey.

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