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In addition to her books and blogs, Cylvia’s writing has been published in numerous magazines, news sources and journals.  A sampling is below.

Huffington Post Articles

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Unity Worldwide Ministries publications

Releasing Scarcity : Embracing Abundance — Unity Lent booklet 2022

I Release Competitiveness — Unity Lent booklet 2023

Issue Magazine Articles

Imagination Redirected Worry Released by Cylvia Hayes

Worry.  I have spent countless hours, days, cumulatively years of my life worrying.  Worry about money, about having enough, or not.  Fearful imaginings of what might come stirring up that gnawing, terrified feeling of scarcity and instability.  Fretting about performance, would I be good enough to get the job done, to impress?  Angst stoking deep […]

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