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In addition to her books and blogs, Cylvia’s writing has been published in numerous magazines, news sources and journals.  A sampling is below.

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Unity Worldwide Ministries publications

Releasing Scarcity : Embracing Abundance — Unity Lent booklet 2022

I Release Competitiveness — Unity Lent booklet 2023

Issue Magazine Articles

An Explosive Issue: Oil Trains

An Explosive Issue: Oil Trains

Ticking time bombs are rumbling through the Pacific Northwest. Nearly overnight the railways of the west have become primary transport routes for trains filled with highly flammable crude oil. Studies report a 5000-percent increase in oil by rail in North America since 2008. With this rapid increase in traffic has come an enormous uptick in […]

Birds and Bees

Do you think that humans are more important than bugs? Before you scoff consider that we are at risk of losing flowers, fruit trees and much of the global food supply because we are wiping out bugs. We are losing our pollinators. Bees, butterflies, bats and numerous pollinating bird species are all in decline in […]

The Delta 5: Ordinary People Taking Extraordinary Actions

On July 24, 2014 at 2am a train carrying 100 cars of highly explosive crude oil went off the tracks under the Magnolia Bridge in Seattle. Each tanker car held 28,000 gallons of oil. Fortunately the train was moving very slowly and none of the oil spilled or exploded. All of this took place within […]

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