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Hitting the Turbo Boost at Mid-Life

Key Steps to Launching the New Awesome Chapter of Life

Are you at that mystifying place called mid-life wondering how the heck you got here and what’s next?

Maybe you’re facing some unexpected challenges or just wanting to have more purpose and meaning in your life.

Do you feel an urge to hit the reset button?

Then this complimentary workshop is for you!

It might not feel like it but facing major transition and challenges at this particular turning point in life offers a gold mine of possibility and potential. In this workshop you’ll get proven, practical tools to empower you to:

  • Release unnecessary, unproductive fear
  • Maintain peace no matter what’s swirling through the circumstances you are facing
  • Get clear about what you’re really here to do with your life, your purpose and passion
  • Develop a concrete action plan for designing your awesome next chapter

When: June 3, 6 to 7:30pm.

Where: Deschutes Public Library (Downtown Bend branch)

Cost: Free!

Please RSVP to


Recent Past Workshops and Events

Sacred Activism: Being a More Peaceful, Powerful Social Change Agent

In this interactive workshop we address key environmental and cultural problems and issues in a way that will help you transform fear and despair into inspiration and a sense of empowerment. We will explore gratitude, anger, grief, and hope and move into a deeper understanding of how to create a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world where all beings can thrive.

We will learn how to raise awareness and take action on important issues in ways that are respectful, healing and unifying. Our intention is to cultivate more spiritual activists and more active spiritualists!

In this interactive, experiential workshop practitioners of sacred activism will share insights and methods that include:

  • Personal strategies and tools for staying informed and hopeful at the same time (for instance, positive media outlets and restoration journalism)
  • Definitions and samples of Sacred Activism in action.
  • Ways to discuss critical issues and terms to unite, inspire and rise above political divides.
  • Evidence that the evolution toward a healthier life sustaining society is already underway and promote tangible actions we can take to be stewards of creation.

This workshop was held March 2, in Bend, Oregon

Remembering Your Power: A workshop for Reinventing Career, Life, Self

Was Held February 2nd, Bend Oregon 

Are you wanting more from your life? Looking to hit the reset button after life took a hard turn you hadn’t seen coming? Do you want to start or grow a mission-driven business? Do you want to get unstuck, period?

Then I invite you to join me at my upcoming reinvention and empowerment workshop. This is not your typical self-help workshop. Most personal development stuff is about trying to improve yourself, get rid of aspects you don’t like, overcome shortcomings. The problem is, that’s a scarcity-based approach and it just reinforces the message that you’re not good enough! It’s exactly the opposite of what we need to achieve more peace, power and success in our lives.  In this workshop Cylvia delivered tried and true strategies to help participants uncover their innate ability to:

  • Transform fear into clarity and a sense of empowerment
  • Find peace no matter what’s swirling in the circumstances of life
  • Embrace the awesome creative power of change and uncertainty
  • Find forgiveness, even of self
  • Develop a sense of genuine self-worth and safety

Here’s what some people had to say about the last workshop.

“It was a wonderful day …. I loved being a participant … your cloud of magical learning and how profound your teachings are. In gratitude for your sharing of your authentic self. – Tam

Thank you for the wonderful experience. It was truly fantastic, and really beneficial to me.  I’m definitely at a crossroads in my life, and a lot of things are up in the air.  I’m in need of finding the path that’s right for me, and in the process, am definitely working through a lot. Our class was right in line with that, and helped me immensely … Again, I thank you for this. – Maggie

You Wow’d me … workshop was amazing!I learned why I have been so withdrawn and lacking motivation. I also learned to get free of limiting thoughts, quit being so hard on myself, and embrace my new beautiful life even more. I so appreciate your workshop. – LD Sullivan