Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study 1:  Reclaiming Self-Value and Identity

One of my clients was a high-level elected official who had been in public service for many, many years with an unblemished record. Completely unexpectedly he wound up in the middle of intense, politically-motivated allegations of corruption and eventually resigned.

His self-identity was firmly tied to being in an elected position. The loss of such position shook his core beliefs about his value and ability to make a contribution to society. In addition, he obsessively replayed the memory of events leading to his decision to leave office.

My client’s PR rep was working to regain some control of the media narrative but was stymied by the client’s quasi-paralysis in taking any pro-active action. We worked together to help the client begin to move forward.

This client was a self-reflective person and I was able to work with that providing strategies for him to recognize he still had all the talent, experience, civic-commitment and charisma he’d had before. The goal was to find the next vehicle for him to put his skills to work.   I also provided tools for him to recognize triggers that sent his mind on the obsessive memory-replaying loop and to be able to quickly recover and redirect his thinking.

This man is now back in the arena contributing his expertise even more fully because he was no longer bound by the constraints and extraneous demands of the position he’d held.

Case Study 2:   Moving Beyond Betrayal and Abandonment

Another client is a woman who was a well-known civic leader. She had committed over fifteen years to building a well-respected community service organization. After a series of anonymous allegations the woman was summarily put on administrative. This kicked off a media circus and many long-time colleagues and friends pulled away.

Even as the media storm died down and this woman’s private practice grew she was struggling with a sense of lost identity, displacement and abandonment. We used strategies to reclaim and expand her sense of identity, release the attachment to the people who had betrayed her and reengage her public service.