Launching Your Legacy

Are you at a point in your life where you’ve checked a lot of things off?  The kids are mostly raised, the career is pretty well set or maybe even winding down.  Maybe you’ve even accomplished a good deal and built assets and are now running a bit on autopilot.  All great stuff.  However, you might be feeling, along with the success, also just a little rudderless, unfulfilled, wanting to have more purpose and passion in your life.

If this sounds like you, first off, congratulations!  In the crazy cultures most of us live in we don’t even take time to celebrate such a massive achievement as successfully making it through early adulthood and the family rearing years to make it to so called middle age!  Well done you!

And, further congratulations on wanting to be intentional and make an even bigger difference with this next phase of your life.

You are not alone!  We may well have more people at the mid-life phase in their lives than at any other time in history and lots of us are wanting to give back and make a bigger difference.  What an enormous opportunity to come together, use our life experience and seasoning to make a bigger mark on our world.

My Launching Your Legacy program is designed for people at mid-life who want to find more purpose, be of greater service and make a bigger difference with the next phase of their lives.

If this sounds like you please feel free to schedule a complimentary Purpose Discovery Session by clicking here.