EmPOWERment Trainings

See Video Here —  Empowering Change Makers to Make Our World a Better Place

ChangeMaker Empowerment trainings use custom, scientifically-backed strategies to help clients become more resilient, peaceful and powerful in their work and personal lives.

As a lifelong environmental and social activist and social entrepreneur, Cylvia is especially committed to providing fellow change-agents with tools and techniques to take their important work to the next level.

The trainings are tailor-made to fit your organization’s needs and budgets while blowing open new opportunities for impact and efficacy.  They can be structured as a stand-alone session or as part of strategic planning/visioning processes.

Our goal is to strengthen your ability to make our world a healthier, safer, more peaceful place.

Please note, we only work with people and organizations that are deeply committed to their missions and willing to empower their own inner environments so that they can be maximally effective in their efforts in the outer environment.  If this sounds like you and you’d like to learn how our Empowerment Trainings might best serve your organization please send an inquire to info@cylviahayes.com or call (458) 292-4342.

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