Sacred Activism: Being More Peaceful, Powerful Social Change Advocates (Mar. 2nd, 2019 in Bend Oregon)


In this interactive workshop we will address key environmental and cultural problems we are currently facing in a way that will help you transform fear and despair into inspiration and a sense of empowerment. We will explore gratitude, anger, grief, and hope and move into a deeper understanding of how to create a more sustainable, just, and peaceful world where all beings can thrive.

You will learn how to raise awareness and take action on important issues in ways that are respectful, healing and unifying. Our intention is to cultivate more resilient, empowered activists and more active spiritual practitioners.

You will get tools to help you:

  • Stay optimistic and peaceful while working on challenging issues
  • Stay above the level of consciousness that created the problems in the first place
  • Effectively navigate the resistance, fight and war language that issues are often framed in
  • Stay well-informed without being inundated with negative, often misleading news
  • Learn the power of simple meditation, mindfulness and presencing practices.


A live interactive workshop to help environmental and social change advocates find resiliency, peace and power and help people of faith become more effective change-agents.

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