Reinvention Doesn’t Have to be Scary: Strategies for Taming Fear


This workbook offers practical tools for dropping fear and moving forward during times of change, loss and uncertainty. If left unchecked, fear itself can be traumatizing and certainly is responsible for sending a lot of cortisol rampaging through our guts. It nearly always makes the challenge in front of us appear much bigger than it really is.

The simple exercises and tools offered in this workbook help you take your mind, your reactions and your life out of fear’s clutches. You really do have that power.


Life has a lot of ways to hit us hard and rock our foundations. Fear often accompanies big changes and transitions especially when those changes hit us out of the blue. That’s when practical, simple fear management strategies can change our lives.

This workbook offers practical tools for recognizing which fears are unnecessary and which require some action. It gives very simple, can-be-done-anywhere strategies for breaking the cycle of runaway fearful thoughts and a few practical ways to regain clarity and balance in the midst of change.

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