New You True You Workshop — December 8th, Bend Oregon


We are living in a time of extraordinary and rapid change in our world and often in our personal lives. Many of us are reinventing our careers, relationships and ourselves at a time we never thought we’d need to.  Although it might not feel like it this presents a huge opportunity!

In fact, the field of uncertainty is a place of tremendous power. Growth, success and progress don’t happen without change. The key is learning how to find peace and power in the midst of change so that you can direct the change toward making the life you want.

In the New You True You workshop you’ll learn tried and true strategies to uncover your innate ability to:

  • Transform fear into clarity and a sense of empowerment
  • Find peace no matter what’s swirling in the circumstances of life
  • Embrace the power of surrender
  • Find forgiveness, even of self, in the midst of loss and mistakes
  • Develop a sense of genuine self-worth and safety
  • Embrace the more that each of us truly are

Take your life to the next level and soar into 2019 filled with peace, purpose and power.

Date: December 8, 10am to 3pm

Location:  Private location, Bend Oregon 


This interactive workshop helps you soar into the New Year with peace, purpose and power.   Designing the life you want isn’t about becoming more or better, it’s about remembering who you really are to begin with.  Developing your True Self enables you to master your emotions, step out of suffering and into the life you really want – no matter the circumstances swirling through your life.

Make the commitment to allow 2019 to be the year you take your life to a whole new level.

Step up and into the New You True You©.

Workshop registration fee includes all materials and lunch.  

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