Hitting the Restart Button Reinventing and Reentering Life and Career after Major Transition — Coaching Support Package


This is for anyone facing major life transitions, looking to find healing, purpose, peace and power.   As challenging and painful as the uncertainty may feel, you are now being presented a huge opportunity and are on the precipice of becoming so much more than you were before.

The three, 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions will provide guidance and practical for steadying, centering and relaunching your life and career.

Sessions are in person, by phone or Skype. They include the one-on-one time, follow up notes and support materials.


Are you in transition? Has life knocked you off where you thought you were headed? As challenging and even painful as it may feel, you are now being presented a huge opportunity. If you’re at a place of significant change, whether you chose it or it chose you, you are on the edge of becoming so much more than you were before. I know the loss and uncertainty hurts but I promise you the door is now open to new possibilities you may never have met otherwise.

I know from intense personal experience that huge loss, facing demons and taking certain actions can bring us out the other side happier, more peaceful and empowered than possible to imagine. There are simple but powerful exercises and practices that will help you heal, stay grounded in seeming chaos and find new purpose and power. I would love to support and guide you in making this same discovery and finding your true power.

For a peek into my own unasked for restart view my TEDx talk here.

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