Finding Your Way in a Post-Pandemic World Interactive Workshop


The opportunity and responsibility in these times is not just waiting it out until things go back to a normal that was not serving us well. The real opportunity is to get intentional and empowered finding our own productive niche in building a new normal.

This workshop is not for passive participants but rather people who are serious about transition, reinvention, and creating a much healthier world going forward. It’s for those of you interested in harnessing this challenge to launch the next chapter of your life and career.

  • Get information from visionaries about some of the changes that are here to stay, some aspects of the New Normal that will be shaping our world and interactions going forward.
  • Examine the opportunity for a massive economic reset based on the fact that the old normal was not working well for the vast majority of people or our planet.
  • Get creative about ways each of us can make a living making our world a better place in light of these extraordinary changes.
  • Learn practical tools for managing/releasing fear and harnessing uncertainty to launch our next personal and/or career chapters.   After all, we can choose to be afraid, worried and stressed. Or, we can choose to be open to the possibility that this crisis also presents new opportunities to reset and recharge our lives and careers.

When:  May 19th, 4 – 6pm Pacific Time

“Where” — Zoom.  Contact info will be sent upon registration.


Interactive Workshop for those committed to finding deeper purpose, being of service and reinventing personal and/or career tracks in these extraordinary times.

May 19th, 4 to 6pm Pacific Time

Via Zoom

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