Become a Fully Empowered, Happier, Hopeful ChangeMaker — Coaching Support Package


$529.00 $489.00

Practical, efficient guidance and tools to help you step up to your important work with a sense not only of purpose but also peace and happiness. Imagine living without fear and with genuine hope for yourself, your children and our world. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your best for the cause and are happy and healthy in the process.

The three 60 to 90 minute coaching sessions are held in person, by phone or Skype. This package includes the one-on-one time, follow up notes and support materials.


As a hard working social change advocate you deal with all the normal human challenges along with the added challenge of facing and caring about big, gnarly, painful world issues every single day.

That takes courage and a unique level of commitment.

You are up against some big odds and powerful special interests and your work is needed now more than ever. But here’s the thing, too often professional advocates are operating at the same level of consciousness that created the problems we are trying to solve! I know this first hand from my own experience as a lifelong social change advocate, social entrepreneur, political mover and shaker and highly unconventional First Lady of Oregon. I know it from my own career successes … and catastrophic failures.

I guarantee you the best way to succeed, to be your most effective in overcoming the dark forces harming our communities, land, air and waters is to develop practices of personal resiliency and empowerment.  That is what I am committed to helping you do.  This coaching work will empower you in:

—   Releasing and preventing stress

—   Moving from burned out to on fire

—   Staying focused on the big issues AND staying optimistic

—   Replacing fear with joy

—   Vastly increasing your effectiveness in accomplishing your mission

I cannot tell you strongly enough how much I would like to contribute to you making your biggest positive contribution.


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