Thank You for Supporting this Work!

I have committed my life to being part of the movement to bring about a healthier, saner, economic system.  As such, much of my work is offered as a service and a ministry rather than a fixed economic transaction.  I offer classes and events on a donation, or pay-as-you-see-fit model.

I also keep the site clear of advertising and paywalls.

If you have found value from our time together or the materials and tools you’ve found on this site, please do make a contribution to keep these services going and growing.


Note from the team:  Your support is what makes it possible for Cylvia to do the work writing, speaking, teaching that we all value, rather than being immersed in the business details.  And, your support makes it possible for people worldwide, who might not be able to participate if we required a set fee, to be able to take part in this work together.  Thank you!