Launch Your Next Awesome Chapter

Has your life suddenly taken a turn you didn’t see coming? Are you scrambling to figure out what’s next and working to reinvent at a time you never thought you’d need to?

Do fear and overwhelm feel like uninvited guests that won’t leave?

Would you like to get really clear and on purpose about the next chapter in your life and work? 

The next phase really can be the best of your life so far. If you’d like some support moving forward on your own journey regaining your footing, reclaiming your power and resetting your life then this empowerment program is for you.  

This six-month, fully supported program supports you in:

  • Gaining clarity into your true goals and desires
  • Identifying and removing your own, personal internal barriers
  • Radical forgiveness of others and yourself
  • Building your optimal vision
  • Creating your own customized Launching Your Next Chapter plan and putting that plan into action

Sometimes terrible things happen to us. Sometimes we make terrible mistakes. Life shatters and all our believed and beloved certainties are stripped away.   Cylvia supports clients in discovering that times of hurt and significant upheaval can be a place of power and expansion. The field of uncertainty creates opportunity to build a stronger foundation to launch anew. Being whittled down makes space for our True Selves to emerge. Those shaken moments can open beautiful portals into an awesome adventure of self-revelation, reinvention and love.

Click here to schedule a complimentary Launch Your Next Chapter Breakthrough Session and see how the Launch Your Next Chapter program can support you.  

For a peek into Cylvia’s own unasked for restart view her TEDx talk here.

Her new book, When Life Blows Up: A Guide to Peace, Power and Reinvention, is now available!  Click here for info.