Beyond Bullying

Bullying has become an epidemic in America — in our schools and playgrounds, the media, sometimes in our workplaces, and occasionally, sadly, from the highest levels of leadership.

The combination of sensationalist corporate media and anonymous, online commenting and social media has provided a vehicle for treating one another terribly.

It’s up to us to rise above this ugly phenomenon. Below are a number of resources to help bullying victims, parents, educators and even those who find themselves acting out with bullying behavior.


Many resources — tips, facts, toolkits, training materials, and more — that address the problem of bullying.

This site offers an excellent compilation of resources.

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Offers excellent anti-bullying resources.


Resources to fight bullying and harassment at school.

Violence Prevention Works

Additional great resources.

The Bully Project

Really good resource site for parents.

The National Association of School Psychologists

A lot of useful information to parents and educators. 

Very useful information about the connection between drug and alcohol addiction and bullying, both from perpetrators and victims.

Cerebral Palsy and Bullying

Information about the special challenges people with cerebral palsy face when it comes to bullying, abuse and misunderstanding.



Resources for those who get caught up in bullying behavior

There is increasing attention on the problem of bullying.  For obvious reasons most of it centers on the victims.   However, it’s also really important to help and heal those of us who get caught up bullying.   Here are some resources to help people who have bullying tendencies.

And here’s to releasing our kinder, more accepting, more loving selves.